Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got Any Cardboard Boxes You Can Lend Me?

I'm preparing to move. Not in real life, mind you. HA! You silly - the economy is so assy right now, I'd be moving into a litter box that I share with two other cats. No, I'm prepping a SynCyn move - to a dedicated server! I purchased a domain name over the summer and haven't done anything with it since, but I think I'm ready to go for it, and I want to let everyone know that it's coming, so you can mentally ready yourself for the big day.

I will be working behind the scenes to make sure everything is going smoothly before I flip the switch, but hopefully it will be easy. I've been using that BlogBackupOnline tool since the inception of the blog, so I'm hoping I can just move all the posts in one large group, and since I used Photobucket for all the pics, I think everything will be in the code, which should make the transition easier (I think).

Anyway, I'll let you know when you need to update your RSS readers, if that's how you do this, but I'll be inserting a re-direct in the page code anyway (I think). Lots of (I think)s today. But yeah, hopefully, it'll be a seamless transition, and I can do more with the new tool set than here. Not that spending any more time on an endeavor this asinine is a good thing, but well, I like having control of things. So stay tuned for that one.