Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just a quick thought: lately people have been starting to follow me on Twitter (yay) which is nice, because I feel like my inane ramblings won't flutter out into the void of the Internet and just die and turn to silicon dust without at least a few people having seen them. However, some of these people that are adding me are not exactly the kind of people I assumed would do so. And if I'm wrong about them, then man, that is O-to-the-motherfuckin'-K, and I apologize.

But I feel like some of it's Twitter spam (does such a thing exist? I assume so), and I don't want to block them, because I might be alienating someone who actually wanted to hear what I have to say (read: someone actually more mentally ill than I am myself, and someone to whom I am grateful) but I also could give two shits about what someone else thinks if the only reason they added me was so that they could have 12,137 followers instead of 12,136. You get me?

SO. If y'all would be so kind, do me a favor: if you find me on Twitter via this here blog, drop me a tiny note that says so, so I can welcome you properly and say thanks for the support! Much obliged. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to get back to a little show I like to call "excessive drinking on weeknights as a means of coping with the universe shitting on one's soul".

Smell ya later!