Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet...

I've resisted the urge to use Twitter for a long time. A REALLY long time, especially in the tech world. I just didn't see the point. My life is not that interesting, and no one really cares when I've just eaten a delicious sandwich or what I'm watching on TV. Then someone I know and like sent me a request to follow her. So I picked up an account over there, and decided to actually check it out.

For about 15 seconds. I finally decided at least I could cyber-squat my name, so no one else could snatch it if I did, at some point, decide I wanted to use the service. I went as far to install an app on my iPhone, and it was cool, but I couldn't see myself using it at all, despite how amazingly awesome the rest of the world (read: podcasts I listen to about geek shit) said it was.

Then I remember Colleen saying something about having thoughts about starting it, being on the fence or something, and it was floating around my head for a few days...

Then I had an idea today on the way home from work. I was quietly lamenting the fact that I post here so infrequently these days, due to a litany of personal responsibilities, and audibly (at least to anyone sitting in my car, which happened to be no one, but could have been someone if we're all believing in ghosts and crap like that, or my multiple personalities) bemoaning the fact that I have so many short, angry, funny thoughts throughout the day that never manifest themselves into much more than a sly chuckle, let alone a full-on blog post. And it hit me all at once, like a fat kid hits a Ben and Jerry's stand on a hot summer day.

I could use Twitter to post all the little stupid crap that's not really worth writing a whole post here about, and feel like I put it somewhere, so that MAYBE, if some of my readers, and I know there are few, wanted to follow my insane rantings on a more regular basis, they could. I feel absolutely honored when you guys say things like "we wish you'd post more often" or something like that, and this way, I could exorcise those tiny demons and give you something in the process. So I'm going to give it a whirl and I'm going to try some different things, possibly maybe hooking it up to this blog right here if I can with some techie voodoo trickery or whatever. (EDIT: one quick Google search, and 5 minutes, and BAM! New widget up on the right so you can read the silly short stuff too, if you don't feel like Twittering with me. YEAH!)

And if you were just saying that stuff about me posting more to be nice, well fuck y'all, because now it just blew up in your faces! Yeah!

But no, seriously, if you really feel that way, that's awesome and you rule. And like I said, if not, see above.

And if you want to give this whole thing a go with me, check me out here. Be sure and let me know if you're digging it, hate it, hate me, hate Earth, love cheese or pancakes, or basically anything else. I need a new quick diversion. Be my diversion.

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