Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot.

I was watching a little Food Network today.

AAAAAAAND, Rachael Ray can fucking die. In the course of describing what a great man she has, and how cultured she is, while making some kind of Spanish-themed shit, she pronounced Pedro Almodovar's name as "al-mah-DOE-ver" and then went on to say what a great movie "vahl-ver" was. As in RE-volver. As in I'd like to put one in her mouth. And teach her pronunciation.

I hate her SO much. God help me if I ever see her.

Not that I'm such a huge fan of Almodovar, but still. I have standards.


Ok, now I'm fucking furious. I just IMDB'd him, and it says she named a chicken dish after him.

And she can't even say his NAME correctly!

Am I crazy? Or should she be drawn and quartered?

Watch your back, you smiley little twit. Clearly you're a monster that needs to be brought down at all costs.

I Want Some, Don't You?

From the always awesome Fail Blog.