Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

And while we're getting all reacquainted, here's a little something I came across and meant to talk about.

Now, I know that there's a lot of inherent humor built right into the title of this game. We could go on about that for days in and of itself. But what I love is that there's a big red fish on the cover that when observed quickly looks like a big disembodied boxing glove, especially when paired with the pained struck expression on the bear's face.

Doesn't it totally look like a ghost is fighting a bear? And winning?

And even if you think I'm crazy for thinking that, take a look at the fish's face. Let's just say there is no ghost. That is one pissed-off fish, and he looks like he's slapping the bear with his ass! Which is still pretty rad!

Perhaps it's a historical depiction of the millennial struggle between the hawk-beaked fish monster and the formidable bearmoose hybrid of the Alaskan wilderness. Either way, a stunning and inspiring picture. Certainly a topic worthy of an episode of high-definition gaming.

High Quality Office Supplies, And The People Who Use Them

So I'm sitting at my desk the other day, and looking for a Sharpie. Anyone who knows me at all knows I loves me some Sharpies. I find a poop brown one (how this ever ended up in my desk, I will never know) and grab the CD I needed to ink up for a co-worker.

And then my disgust bubbled up and spilled out on my desk.

How, pray tell, did this Sharpie's tip get so unqualified to write on shiny surfaces? I am quite sure the marker said "extra fine" or at least "fine" tip, as I will use nothing less than that. Upon closer inspection, I realize that someone had surreptitiously planted an imposter among my supplies. Then, after I was finished laughing out loud and shaking my head, I took a picture, because it was worth showing.

Did anyone really think this low-rent ink dribbler would pass for the majesty of America's greatest pen? Clearly the product of some evil Red Chinese plot, the "Hengbao Staunion", if you hadn't gathered by now, is patently unfit for marking anything, short of demeaning an enemy of yours while he/she sleeps, drawing some permutation of a penis and testicles on said recipient's forehead.

So perturbed was I, by this deception, that I decided it would mark my the end of my long absence from the blogosphere. That and I'm off from work for a few days, so I had some time at my desk, and my resolution for next year is to follow up on crap I start and don't stick with. (ha!)

It's nice to flex those blogging muscles again... missed y'all.