Friday, August 31, 2007


Speaking of real estate away from everyone...

I added this blog to my roll because I stumbled onto it from of all places, BoingBoing (God bless ya), and in reading it a little bit, it gives me hope for something much more ambitious then just being here in America, getting things done.

I like getting things done. Seriously. I like freaking love it. But five minutes on The Private Islands Blog makes me think about all the times I wanted to run away and surf alone and fish for my dinner and just be... simple.

I think I could leave all my techno-addictions behind if I had a good reason. Like living in paradise, and basking in the glory of unspoiled beauty.



Starting at 9am this morning, I think between 9-12, I was on the phone for at least an hour, maybe more.


30% of my morning, spent mired in conversation on the telephone.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Undying Hatred For Telephone Conversation

Now, before I get started, let's clarify. There are certain people, those who I don't get a chance to speak to very often, who garner special moments on the phone with me. That also includes pretty ladies, immediate family, and a very small group of friends.

However, I cannot escape the fact that I simply detest having to be on the phone most of the time. In my world, email (and text communication in general) is quicker, easier, and makes better use of my time than a protracted, wholly unnecessary phone conversation.

Part of it is that I hate the implied social pressure of being on the phone in the first place. Someone, an acquaintance let's say, calls you. If you don't have time for them, they get pissy. Well, perhaps you should have emailed first (ha-HA!) to find out when I would have time to talk to you, because now, I just don't.

Then there's the clients for whom email just doesn't cut it. They absolutely NEED to speak to you on the phone and waste your time, because they feel like they can. I shudder to think how these people would have done business before Alexander Graham Bell came along to make sense of their world for them. Seriously? In business, time is money, and you're wasting mine. These are usually the same kinds of people who insist on face-to-face meetings which I have almost NO tolerance for at all in the first place other than for introductions. I live my entire life in a virtual space, and don't even like talking to you on the phone! Why in God's name would I want to sit near you?

Then you've got the people who just call because their own lives are so boring, it helps quiet the voices in their heads if they call and bother you for a while.

"Hey. What's up? Not much, you? Yeah, I guess..."

I don't need these kinds of conversations. Ever. Again.

I know people are trying to be nice, and I am a monster. I know all this. I don't really care. People will tell me I'm antisocial, and there's something wrong with me, and they may be right on many levels. However, I'm sticking to my guns on this.

The written word was the de facto standard for all Earthly communication for CENTURIES, PEOPLE. Just because we HAVE the phone doesn't mean we NEED to use it. I have an Ace bandage - I don't wear it every day just because I can. I wear it when I absolutely need to, because it then serves a purpose.

Email is so much more natural than talking on the phone. You can take time to craft and revise a statement (as opposed to hanging in blank silence while the other person does the same), think about what you want to say (instead of blurting something out that may be the wrong thing), and do all of this on your own time, when you are comfortable doing so. Phone talking is so forced and aggravating, I do everything in my power to avoid it.

And the fact that the world would rather continue along this asinine path to communicative retardation than look at things a different way speaks volumes about why I have to start looking for real estate on other planets, or at least remote islands.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Need. Now.

This is probably the best take on a little baby computer I've seen yet. Almost makes me cry, thinking how close they are to actually getting it right.

I would love one of these bad boys. For reals. Then I could do... uh, so much more than I currently do. Or something.

Anyone For A Flashback?

This should do it for most of us. Although I don't know some of these local ones. It's still pretty cool... Saturday morning shivers. It sucks getting old.

[There used to be a video here. I can't do it from work, but I'll try to re-embed later. Dunno what happened.]