Friday, June 29, 2007

Do not question.

Just please please please click this.


Not too shabby, and it being iDay and all, at least someone isn't absolutely FAWNING over this thing.

I *heart* XKCD!

This webcomic is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. It is so good, and so often hits the mark as far as what it's trying to do. XKCD is, from its site, "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language" and I don't even remember when I found it, but I LOL almost every time. You really have to be a hardcore geek to get some of it. But some of it is really honest and funny and cool. Today's just struck my fancy, and you only need a BA in Geek Studies with a minor in Movie Nerdisms to understand it. Oh, and a heart, which in my case, depending on the day is a tougher thing to come by. I lucked out today.

I split it into two panels for better blog-splayin' - visit for more goodness...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Birth of a word

I went to leave a comment on Colleen's totally awesome blog, and she's got verification set up there, to keep the evil comment-bots at bay. I almost LOL'd because sometimes the words are utter nonsense, and then again, occasionally, one will randomly generate and be almost a real word. Just now I got this:

Now, I pose the question... what should "smenita" be? I can think of a few things.

1. n. A drink, although probably a gross one

"Hey - we were in Guadalajara, and some dude made me drink a smenita. The next morning was NOT pretty."

2. adj. Some kind of slang a Latino street tough mutters as his gang corners an unwitting target

"Smenitaaaa... you in the wrong neighborhood, ese..."

That's if you're pronouncing it "smeh-nee-tah" - if you say "smeh-n-EYE-tah"...

3. n. A condition of the rectum, commonly known among sufferers as "swampass" (that could work, right? It almost sounds legit!)...

"There's really no need to worry, ma'am. As soon as Derek gets home from soccer practice, just have him get right in the shower and afterward, remind him to dry well and use powder, preferably something cornstarch-based. That should alleviate the smenita, at least in the interim."

Wow, that last one kind of got away from me... hehe. That's what happens when I start talking about butts.

Now - let's really flesh this out. Give me some other ones. This has some potential, but I'm tired, and I already thought of three. Go! Be prolific!

Saturday morning, it'll all be over.

This iPhone hysteria is reaching fever pitch. I can't read a single tech blog without it utterly dominating everything. It's just so tiring. I want to sleep when I hear about the thing now. It's like an environmentally-triggered narcoleptic fit. And this guy is the #1 in line in NYC.

It's really time for this to stop. Feeling sleepy just looking at his fat, sweaty, hairiness.


Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap.

I am super busy today, but I saw this and HAD to share it. Mostly because I'm a total nerd, but MOSTLY 'cause it's AWESOME!


In case you don't know what you're actually looking at, I'll help. It's not just R2-D2. That would be silly. This is a DVD player/wall projector that looks like R2-D2! You can park him in your living room, stick a DVD into his little head, and he'll show you a movie!

Here's the link to look at it, but everything's in some crazy language made of nonsense shapes or something. I think it might be British.


I need a shower.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's get physical.

I have been trying to whip myself back into shape this spring after spending the winter becoming a shapeless, sedentary sackworth (yay alliteration!) and feeling the net results of such disregard for myself, namely crushing depression and weak, soft laziness. I have, thus far, had fairly respectable results in the 6-8 weeks since I started. Here are some discoveries about exercise that I have made recently, and that may save you some aggravation in the future. Maybe not.

1. Running kind of sucks.

It's true. I started running again because the day I snapped and finally decided enough was enough, all I could do was lace up and run like I had velociraptors chasing my lazy ass to make myself feel better. I soon realized, however, that the sneaky feeling of abdominal muzzle blast creeping up my esophagus would put me in my place rather quickly. Yes, that was the first day, and I eventually got my mileage and endurance where they should be, but even that has a downside. My lower back and knees hurt after I run, because in order to get better, I had to run more, and running more makes those things hurt. So I can't get excited about it anymore. I knew this, but I fought it for a few weeks. Running is definitely for people who like short shorts, too, and that is sooo not happening.

2. No matter how much you want it to be, Wii Sports is not really a great workout.

Sure, you sweat a little. And it's super rad and fun to play. But seriously? I got all fired up this winter when I saw that guy from Philly losing weight with his Wii, and when I was finally lucky enough to stumble onto one, I learned that it's not really that easy, unless you have The Metabolism of The Gods. And I don't. I tone up real fast, but that's it. No muscle building, and not much fat-burning after that. It's fun, though. And making yourself a Mii is freaking addictive. I spent more time doing that, seeing if I could accurately represent people with a series of hyper-exaggerated animated features, than actually playing the game itself. Now I have my whole family and modest group of friends created and trotting around the system. I'm a loser.

3. Billy Blanks is a crazy bastard.

I thought, ok, I'm sick of running, let me think... Cardio workout, something I can do around the house... TAE-BO! I made the mistake of Netflixing a Tae-Bo cardio workout. I kept up for about 7-8 minutes, and then these people started freaking the hell out! They were kicking and moving around like a bunch of infected people from 28 Days Later! This one girl next to Billy HAD to be jacked up on crystal meth. She was out of control. Screaming, sweating, kicking, saluting, the whole deal. It was scary. I stopped a few times and just stared at her, slack-jawed, that's how good it was.

I'm a pretty agile person - surfing pretty much makes that a prerequisite - but this was ridiculous. I suppose there's a learning curve and you need to practice the routine, but I felt like a fat kid doing a Bruce Lee impression for a bunch of really tight, fit people, who would presumably laugh their incredibly toned asses off if they didn't live in my TV.

(My sister informed me that I was crazy to try that particular workout and that there were others that were easier to start with - read: I'm a stupid, uncoordinated jackass with balance issues. She didn't mean it that way, but I made it that way to motivate myself to find something else.)

4. Treadmills give me motion sickness.

Running on the treadmill felt so good at first, because it's got a softer feel when your feet hit it. I ran and ran. And ran some more, thinking, pssh, I got this wired now. I'm awesome. I'm Forrest Gump. After about a half hour at a good pace, I stepped off the treadmill onto flat ground, and felt like my head had become unattached and was bouncing back and forth. I thought I might throw up, but no, just felt nasty instead. I tried this again another time, with similar results. You know, for scientific reasons. I wondered how many other people experience this phenomenon, and how many of them just don't care, because they'd rather look good than not feel like someone just shoved a turd sandwich in their mouth.

You know, 'cause a turd sandwich would totally make you gag and maybe barf.

Now I'm moving on. I picked up the Xbox 360 Dance Dance Revolution Universe the other day. I poo-pooed this game for years, because, well, dancing is dumb. But it's pretty fun, and there's some sucky music mixed with some good music, and it's good enough for fatties in West Virginia schools, so it must be good enough for me. But it's a hard game, and being a drummer and musician in general, the way they count the beats is counterintuitive to how I would in my head. So it's been a bit of an uphill battle. But that's an ongoing experiment. I'll report back later.

In the meantime, I think I'll go reward myself for getting sweaty with a delicious drinky poo. Because I have yet to work out my liver today.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Not that it would actually even be playable, but just looking at this guitar makes me salivate. It's like the best of rock-kickassness, coupled with Highlander.


Ok, it's been a long weekend. I'm done being a jackass.